Dommerpresentasjon Johanne Mahon,
Iskandraya salukis, England

My kennel affix is Iskandraya, named after my first Saluki Ch. Jazirat Iskandraya.

After several years in the breed I was honoured to become a partner in the Jazirat Kennel and co-bred two litters with Ken and Diana Allan. Subsequently I went to live at the Canapus Kennel of Felix van der Drift which has produced many champions in the USA, Canada, England, Scandinavia and in many other countries.

My interest in the breed stems from having lived in the Sinai Desert in the 1970's amongst the Bedouin and their hounds. I have a first-hand understanding of the requirements of a Saluki which are needed to survive and thrive in their original habitat and have spent many years studying, researching and learning about our lovely breed. I am interested in breeding for health, type, conformation, soundness and good temperament, and look for all of these attributes when I judge. Regardless of type I want to see a hound who has the conformation to be able to fulfill its original function.